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Aloe-Fresh & Dry Deodorant



Sports Solutions® Aloe-Fresh® and Dry Deodorant
This Aloe Vera and Vitamin Complex gentle formula eliminates bacteria-causing germs that cause odor while eliminating perspiration wetness with Aluminum Chlorhydrate. Clear color.

Aloe-Fresh Deodorant



Sports Solutions®
Aloe-Fresh® Deodorant

This soft, conditioning, odor and bacterial control formula contains no Aluminum Chlorhydrate. It is suggested for people with sensitive skin or allergies. It will not stain or harm clothing! Clear color.

Sport Fresh & Dry Deodorant



Sports Solutions®
Sport Fresh and Dry Deodorant

Now men can enjoy this clear, manly Aloe Vera enriched antiperspirant to control underarm odor and reduce perspiration.  Clear color; Spicy herbal fragrance.

Ultra-Hold Hair Spray



Sports Solutions®
Ultra-Hold Hair Spray

Our uniquely designed, Aloe Vera hair spray is for athletic people who desire firm hold, sun protection, and no residue buildup! It leaves hair strong, conditioned, soft to the touch, and it washes off completely! Clear color.

Re-Hydrating Face & Hand Soap



Sports Solutions®
Re-Hydrating Face and Hand Soap

For soft, pH-balanced face and hands, this gentle Aloe Vera skin cleanser will clean and leave moisturizers on skin. Almond fragrance is terrific! Turquoise color - Almond fragrance.

Nutri-Aloe Face & Body Lotion



Sports Solutions®
Nutri-Aloe® Face & Body Lotion

Our most popular lotion and #1 best selling product!
The ultimate Aloe Vera, skin nourishing, face and body lotion.  With 60% pure Aloe Vera, it is quickly absorbed into living skin tissue to heal, protect, and rehydrate all skin types.

Nutri-Aloe® Face & Body Lotion is specifically formulated to replenish nutrients and moisture, leaving the skin pH balanced & conditioned.  Chafing & dryness are eliminated with our exclusive formulation containing Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamins A, D, & E

This unique, non-greasy lotion contains no mineral oil to block pores or leave oily residue.  The fast-penetrating emollients and conditioners immediately restore moisture and soften even the driest skin.  Both men & women love this unique lotion, and enjoy its clean, fresh fragrance.  Creamy White color; Fresh fragrance.

Lotion: Hydra-Pro Elite Moisture Plus Body Lotion



Sports Solutions®
Hydra-Pro®Elite Moisture Plus Body Lotion
Maximum rehydration and rejuvenation for skin.
With 60% Aloe Vera (by weight), it replenishes the skin’s nutrients and moisture balance. Fast penetrating emollients of Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vit. A, D, & E, and Glycerin leave skin silky soft. No Mineral Oil to block pores or leave oily residue.  White color; “Jean Paul Gaultier” cologne type fragrance blends warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom, and woods. The sharp, oriental, woody scent is  enjoyed by both men and women.

Re-Freshmint Mouthwash



Sports Solutions®
Re-Freshmint Mouthwash®

This effective, minty mouthwash will eliminate bad breath, cleanse mouth, and kill germs. Use throughout the day for the cleanest mouth and freshest breath. Scope type. Green color - Mint flavor.

38050 Gallon Jug Pump

Weight: lbs

A Gallon Jug Pump Makes It Easy to Refill Dispensers & Bottles

Gallon Jug Pump

  • When purchasing gallon size liquids, it is helpful to use a gallon jug pump for thicker liquids such as lotion, sunscreen, shave balm, etc.  These thick products don't "pour" out like shampoo or body wash - they have to be encouraged with a "squeeze".  So, for your convenience, we offer a gallon jug pump to make it easier to refill dispensers and bottles.
  • You can leave the gallon jug pump in the gallon until all the liquid has been dispensed.  Then remove the gallon jug pump, wash thoroughly with soapy water and rinse well.  Follow rinsing with pumping some alcohol through to sanitize the inner works, and then spritz outside with alcohol.  Store when dry until ready for next use.