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Flash Point After Shave Cologne



Sports Solutions®
Flash Point® After Shave Cologne

The fresh, masculine, outdoor fragrance with earth and leather overtones will last all day. Apply After Shave Balm for the best protection against dryness and then apply Cologne. Designed for the rugged outdoorsman! Clear color - Calvin/Halston type fragrance.

Renaissance Man After Shave Conditioner



Sports Solutions®
Renaissance Man® After Shave Conditioner

A soft, warm, masculine fragrance (similar to a Brut-type fragrance). This light conditioner is irresistible and gently to sensitive skins. Gold color - Brut type fragrance.

Luba-Dermal Shave Cream



Sports Solutions®
Luba-Dermal Shave Cream™
This shave cream was initially created for competitive swimmers who must shave their entire bodies.  Pure Aloe Vera gel, special cationic polymers, and soothing emollients  condition  sensitive skin for the closest, cleanest shave possible.  It is very concentrated — a little goes a long way. Easy glide. White. 

The new fragrance is a “Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne” type, classified as a sharp, oriental, woody scent. It is a blend of warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods that is enjoyed by both men and women.

Cool Breeze Foaming Shave Gel

Cool Breeze Foaming Shave Gel


Cool Breeze Foaming Shave Gel with Aloe & Menthol
Shave face or body with the Aloe & Menthol foaming shave gel for the closest shave and the smoothest skin.  Turquoise Green color; Menthol & Caribbean  fragrance.

38050 Gallon Jug Pump

Weight: lbs

A Gallon Jug Pump Makes It Easy to Refill Dispensers & Bottles

Gallon Jug Pump

  • When purchasing gallon size liquids, it is helpful to use a gallon jug pump for thicker liquids such as lotion, sunscreen, shave balm, etc.  These thick products don't "pour" out like shampoo or body wash - they have to be encouraged with a "squeeze".  So, for your convenience, we offer a gallon jug pump to make it easier to refill dispensers and bottles.
  • You can leave the gallon jug pump in the gallon until all the liquid has been dispensed.  Then remove the gallon jug pump, wash thoroughly with soapy water and rinse well.  Follow rinsing with pumping some alcohol through to sanitize the inner works, and then spritz outside with alcohol.  Store when dry until ready for next use.