Dispenser Care & Maintenance

The dispenser bodies and lids are made of a sturdy, non-breakable plastic. If they are kept clean and maintained properly, they will last indefinitely and will keep liquid products sanitary and secure within them.

To Clean Dispenser Bodies and Lids on a Regular Basis:

  • Sponge off units with a mild cleaning and disinfectant solution, but not an abrasive cleanser, as the plastic will scratch. (Use only clean sponges when cleaning dispensers).
  • Dry with cloth for shiny finish.

To Maintain Pumps & Lids (Locking & Non-Locking)

  • Remove lids from dispensers at least one time per month and check all parts. Remove Dispenser Lids for Cleaning
  • Clean the underside of lids and pumps by rinsing entire top pump lid in warm water to remove any excess buildup of liquid products from within pump tube that may have hardened if not used on a regular basis.
  • Clean underneath the lid itself to remove any liquid product residue.
  • Dry each lid thoroughly before placing it back into the filled dispenser bodies and lock into place.
  • This will maintain the sanitary conditions required of the units, and it will keep the vacuum sealed products fresh within each unit.
  • Occasionally check dispenser bodies to maintain cleanliness. Wash out the bodies, dry, and fill with clean liquid products. 

Check locking dispenser lids.To Maintain Locks:

Check locks to make sure that they are functioning properly and that lids are securely fastened to dispenser bodies. Use the key to test to make sure lid is securely fastened.