The AutoMixer saves money, time, space, frustration, and satisfaction is guaranteed.
The AutoMixer™ Saves You Time & Money

Since 1984 Sports Solutions, Inc. ("SSI") has been the leader in quality personal care amenities designed especially for athletes.  SSI is proud to announce the development of its own exclusively designed “AutoMixer™”, which offers hassle-free dilution and automated mixing of Sports Solutions' extensive line of concentrated liquid shower amenities.

This new AutoMixer™ combines up-to-the-minute technology with practical design to create a superior and easy-to-use automated mixing system for concentrates.  Mixing instructions are also available in Spanish.

Save Money
Save 50-70% by using SSI's concentrates instead of ready-to-pour products. Since clubs typically use more shower products than other liquid amenities, it makes sense to save by using our concentrated shower products.

Save 75-80% in freight costs! The savings add up fast when you pay shipping for only 1 case (4 gallons) of concentrate instead of  6 cases (24 gallons) of ready-to-pour liquids. (Each 4-gallon case of concentrate makes 20-24 gallons of liquid product, depending on your preferred dilution ratio.)

Save Time
Simply fill the mixing pail with 5 gallons of water, add 1 gallon of concentrate, attach the mixing whip, set the timer for 5 minutes, and voilá! Come back to consistently thick, luxurious ready-to-pour product every time. No bubbles, no fuss! Best of all, you don't have to mix it yourself or stand over it and wait until it's mixed.

With the AutoMixer™, you can save time by mixing 6 gallons of product at a time in our 6.5 gallon pail. No more having to mix one gallon at a time, as with other concentrate mixing machines.

Save Storage Space
Store only 4 gallons of concentrate instead of 20-24 gallons of ready-to-pour liquids,  until you are ready to refill bottles or dispensers.

Store only one 30 gallon/drum of concentrate instead of 150-180 gallons (38-45 cases) of ready-to-pour product. (Each 30-gallon drum of concentrate makes 150-180 gallons of liquid product, depending on your preferred dilution ratio.)

Save Frustration
Enjoy the consistency of a perfectly blended product every time you use the AutoMixer™. There is never runny or wasted product that goes down the drain.

The AutoMixer™ is superior to hand mixing with a hand-held drill since employees may not always mix the solution for the full 5 minutes needed to ensure a completely blended product.

There is no need for someone to stand over the AutoMixer™ during its 5-minute mixing cycle, which frees time for  your employee to complete other tasks.

The AutoMixer™ won't leave you with messy, clogged tubes to clean up, and is so easy to use that it's practically mistake-proof! There is no frothy mess -- only pure, thick ready-to-pour liquid every time.

Advantages Over Other Systems

  • The AutoMixer™ takes up less space than other systems and is only 22” W x 32.5” H x 22” D.
  • The AutoMixer™ is easy to use and there is no product waste. Some mixing systems use suction tubes to load water and concentrate for mixing, and the unmixed concentrate residue left behind is wasted.  Over time, this would add up to a sizeable amount of needlessly discarded concentrate and money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sports Solutions guarantees your satisfaction with the AutoMixer's new technology, its ease of use, and the reliability of consistently blended products. Our warranty covers all moving and electrical parts for as long as you continue to buy Sports Solutions' luxurious and cost effective concentrates.

The AutoMixer™ proudly carries the  “ETL listed” mark, which signifies that it has been tested in an independent, official licensing laboratory, and has been certified for safety and reliability, meeting strict OSHA and other government compliance requirements within the USA and Canada.

Call us today to discuss our programs for getting your own AutoMixer™ concentrate mixing system from Sports Solutions.