Hookless Shower Curtains & Liners
Hookless® Shower Curtains for Straight or Curved Rods


It only takes seconds to hang a Hookless® Shower Curtain. That's why it's such a success in the hotel, club, and spa industries.

The patented “Flex-On® Rings” are built right into the Hookless® Shower Curtain, so housekeeping simply pops them over the rod. No hooks to struggle with, just easy on and off.

The end result is a beautiful draping curtain that slides effortlessly and upgrades any room's overall appearance.

Quick and Easy Installation ...


Hookless® Shower Curtains

Made from 100% polyester and treated for water repellency, Hookless® Shower Curtains are designed for endurance.

The special ultrasonically cut bottom hem allows water to roll off the fabric, preventing unsightly mold and mildew.

Combining convenience, design, and endurance makes the Hookless® Shower Curtain a standard for hospitality.