300ML-KIT Magnetic Locking Key Kit With Cup
Magnetic Locking Key and Parts

Now there is a way to safely secure liquid and dry amenities inside your locked dispensers. These new magnetic locking dispensers can be opened only by our patented magnetic key.

No more tampering with lids to dispensers in environments where security is a must.

The magnetic keys are easy to use, and the locking dispensers are extremely difficult to get into without our keys to open them. 






 Patent Nos. 627153 & 136393. Patents Pending. USA and Canada


Important! Read Before Using Magnetic Keys on Locking Dispensers

Warning: Keep keys out of reach of children. These patented magnetic keys are NOT toys. The neodymium magnets used in the lids and keys are lethal if swallowed. Injury can occur if directions for care and personal safety instructions are not followed. Do not dismantle keys or lids.

Beware when using uncovered keys:

These very powerful magnetic keys are 7 times stronger than ceramic magnets. They have a 45 lb. magnetic pull and, when not in use, must be kept inside the key cover provided with the rubber cord, for personal and property protection.

  • Keep away from people wearing medical devices and pacemakers.
  • Keep away from CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and TV's containing copper coils used to create magnetic fields inside units.
  • Do not put magnetic keys, in or out of covers, in pants pockets or purses next to other keys or wallets containing credit cards: keys must be in covers and placed at least 6” away from these items, as the magnetic field may de-magnetize cards and attach to keys.
  • When key is out of cover and ready to be used, maintain a distance of 1 foot (1') away from any strong magnet or magnetically susceptible object that may be dangerous (such as any sharp object).
  • Always keep magnetic keys dry. If they become wet, wipe with a clean dry cloth and place back inside steel cover for continual protection and safe keeping.
  • Magnetic Key Covers - These specially made steel key covers cancel approximately 90% of the magnetic key's force field. It will still have a magnetic field compared to a paper clip holder when key is inside the cover. Store appropriately at desk in storage container when not in use for safety and accessibility.

Magnetic Locking Key Kit


Safely secure key inside nickel plated stainless steel cover. Cancels direct magnetic pull of key when inside cover. A must when not in use. Rubber cord keeps both pieces tied together.

Includes the following:

  • Magnetic Locking Key
  • Magnetic Locking Key Cover
  • Retractable Cord (36 in. length) - Attaches to lanyard cord, key, and cover
  • Storage Container for Magnetic Locking Key (Safely holds all parts of Magnetic Key)


Magnetic Locking Key & Key Cover Set


Includes the following:

  • Magnetic Locking Key
  • Cover with Cord

Retractable Lanyard Cord Clip

Attaches to rubber cord of magnetic key and key cover. 36" length makes it easy to reach top of dispensers with key while leaving key cover attached to belt.

Storage Container - Holds Magnetic Key & all Components (with label)

Label contains information about safe usage of magnetic key.