An Overview of Sports Solutions, Inc.

Sports Solutions, Inc., (“SSI”), is a privately held corporation owned and founded in Dallas, Texas in May 1984, by Laurie H. Schmidt. Her intent was to create a line of technologically superior hair and skin care products, developed for the needs of athletes and those with active lifestyles. Her niche market was the health and fitness industry originally, where she was the first to create a hair and skin-care line specifically designed for club members, who worked out daily and needed maximum rehydration and conditioning. Today, Sports Solutions manufactures seven completely different hair and skin care lines based on Aloe Vera and other naturally conditioning ingredients to meet their customers’ unique body care requirements and quality preferences.

Along with the liquid lines of super moisturizing Aloe Vera hair and skin-care products, came the first and only patented interlocking beautiful dispensing system in the industry. By converting cans and bottles, which were left scattered all over the club’s vanities and showers, to a new wall mounted dispensing system, Sports Solutions set the standard for quality personal care liquids presented in handsome interlocking dispensers with each club’s unique logo and colors to match their club’s décor. Beautiful presentations and re-moisturizing liquid amenities was finally produced for the club industry.

Since then, Sports Solutions has developed and offer’s multiple industries the largest selection of dispensing system options available:

  • Corian® crushed marble dispensers, shower brackets & all vanity items in 100 colors.
  • Interlocking 24 oz. Acrylic Dispensers in Standard and Deluxe styles and 5 lid colors in locking and non-locking styles.
  • Ceramic dispensers and vanity items in 6 colors, as well as multiple acrylic vanity items.
  • Stainless Steel shower bracket and bottle dispensers, with other metal, resin, and wood dispensers and vanity collections.
  • Marble and Travertine vanity dispensers, trays, and various sized jars to hold dry and liquid amenities.

SSI now supplies multiple lines of quality, healing products and over 2,000 other personal care related amenities to hospitals, YWCAs, YMCAs, country clubs, athletic clubs, fitness clubs, hotels, resorts, spas, retailers, nursing homes, and to individuals worldwide.

Consequently, Sports Solutions sets the quality standard for creativity and design of personalized shower and vanity presentations for these industries. SSI continues to lead these industries in the development of innovative and re-hydrating personal-care formulations for people who need extra care due to their active lifestyles and environmental living conditions.