Great Customer Service Team

"Julie and Eden are amazing at Sports Solutions. I have worked with them for the past few months and they have been a lifesaver. Opening a new Sports Club is hard enough and I know we couldn’t have done it without them. They are very informative and know the products we need like no other. I am still in the processes of getting to know the product and I am so grateful to have them assisting me with my orders!"
- C. Chafin.
Integration Manager

Love the New Hydra-Pro® Elite Shampoo/Body Wash

"We have used Sports Solutions Body Wash/ Shampoo products for the last 12 years. The newest “Hydra-Pro® Elite” Body Wash/ Shampoo has proven very popular with our staff and players. The customer service is fantastic! The Giants owe Sports Solutions a big thanks for their service! Keep up the good work!"
- A. Lee
Director of Arizona Minor League Operations
San Francisco Giants

Love Working with Sales Team

"I love working directly with Julie, She makes it easy for a space cadet like myself to make sure I get the correct items at a great price. She answers all my questions and doesn’t laugh at me when I forget to attach my order form to an email. Thanks!"
- S. Gallegos
Central Sales Customer Service
Castle Hill Fitness

The Products Are Wonderful, the Prices Are Right, and the People Are Great!

"I have been ordering from Sports Solutions for over 6 years. I love their products and my members love their products. I have members telling me all the time “ I take showers all the time at the fitness center just to use your Nutri-Essence® Conditioning Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner, it makes my hair so soft”. This past Christmas, we had a visitor from Michigan, who wanted to buy some of my lotion ( Nutri-Aloe® Face and Body Lotion). She said, she has very dry skin and being from up north her hands stayed chapped. The lotion I use in my locker rooms was the first lotion she has found that keeps her hands moist. I sold her a gallon and she wanted the telephone number to Sports Solutions so she could get more. Sports Solutions print and label our logos on our bottles, which is wonderful. So for pennies per bottle, we have our logo on the bottles, which is a fabulous presentation. I have also purchased logo print bottles for our members. But most of all, I enjoy speaking to customer service. If they do not carry the product, they can find it for me. If I ordered something 22 months ago, and I want to try it again, they can find what it was, because they have an amazing record keeping system. The products are wonderful, the prices are right, and the people are great!"
- K. Rideout
Director of Housekeeping
Bentwater Yacht and Country Club, Fitness Center, Lodge, and Resort

Great Products, Excellent Sales Staff, & Awesome Customer Service

"Sports Solutions is a customer-oriented company. They have great products and an excellent sales staff. They keep me informed about new products. The customer service is awesome. After 20 years of doing business with them, I would look nowhere else."
- P. Pope
Purchasing Manager
Dallas Athletic Club

Would Recommend Sports Solutions to Any Facility

"Excellent customer service, prompt delivery, and all around excellent products. I would recommend Sports Solutions to any facility in the industry."
- M. Zabilowicz.
The Atlantic Club

Loves the "Old Money" Smell of Nutri-Essence® Sea Bath Gelee

"My son worked at a tennis club over the summer and absolutely loved the liquid shower soap they had in the showers. He said the soap smells like “old money”. I called and received the Nutri-Essence® Sea Bath Gelee immediately. Thank you! He loves it!"
- C. Hoesman

Best Shave Cream I've Ever Used

"I have been using your Luba-Dermal™  Shave Cream everyday for the last six months and, without a doubt, it is the best shave cream that I have ever used. It allows me to get a close shave without the cuts and nicks that usually accompany that type of shave. Plus, it leaves my skin smooth and not dried out like other shaving creams. I would highly recommend this product for athletes who have to take frequent showers after workouts because it will help keep your skin moist. Being a former pro athlete myself, I remember the days of multiple workouts, frequent showers, and dried out skin."
- Jack Burns
New Orleans Saints

Aloe Vera Based Products Keep Hair and Skin Moisturized and Conditioned

"I have used Sports Solutions’ liquid products for over 25 years. Since I am not a “spring chicken”, and live on a ranch, my skin and hair need all the moisture I can get. I have used all of the Aloe Vera based shower products and lotions particularly, as they really condition my hair and skin to keep it youthful looking."
- C. Musselman
Jolyn Ranch, Texas

Beauty Contest Winner Praises Re-Hydrating Conditioner

"I used the Sports Solutions® Re-Hydrating Conditioner on my face and body to re-moistuize my skin. I just won a beauty pageant for the  “Golden Age Adults” in my community. I know it was for my hair, but it worked on my skin so well to plump it up,  that my wrinkles started to disappear! Thought you would like to know!"
- F. Gibbons
Miami, FL

No More Blisters with Anti-Friction Lubricator Balm

"I am a runner and love the Anti-Friction Lube Stick. It’s easy to carry and apply. Sweat won’t break it down, so I can run miles without getting blisters, and it’s not greasy like Vaseline! Thank you, you have saved my life from a lot of pain!"
- S. Saunders
Phoenix, AZ