Luxury Retail Only Product Lines

Liquids: Luxury Retail-Special Offer

Luxurious Lines of Aloe Vera & Botanical Liquids
Designed Exclusively for our Retail Customers

Take advantage of this special offer, as supplies are limited. Feel the difference these soothing aroma-therapeutic products can make on your skin and hair.

Sports Solutions, Inc., the leader since 1984 in providing the highest quality and most luxurious Aloe Vera, Coconut, and Botanical personal care amenities to the health, fitness, and sports industries, has created  special lines of personal care liquids for people who require extra moisture packed therapy for their skin and hair. 

Every 100% biodegradable and gentle hair and skin care product designed by Sports Solutions works synergistically with the other personal care liquids to provide the ultimate rehydration of the hair and skin at the deepest level.

Now you can feel and see the difference during your daily care regimens that these special rehydrating products can make for you.

All formulas are made for all hair types and, especially for dry or sensitive skin that requires extra nurturing and soothing to maintain its health and vitality.